Recycled plastic bottles: life-like apples

21 Jan

I have made lots of literacy bags, so I will  do something different and then go back to them! Through the summer break from Uni I discovered The Crafty Crow ( ).

I poured over this site for weeks. It was wonderful hopping in and out of wonderful magical worlds of craft, sewing and  knitting so many people have created. Most of the blogs are from America and the weather there was so chilly, it made the summer days here bearable!

One of my favourite blogs is I am in awe at the projects this amazing woman creates. One of my favourites are the apples made from recycled drink bottles. I couldn’t see a tutorial so I created one of my own.

Equipment you will need:

a. Two one litre bottles (to make one apple)

b. A sharp craft knife

c. Good sharp craft scissors

d. A range of coloured tissue papers

e. Leaves, pipe cleaners and coloured card

f. Tape (to seal the sides)

1. First you take  your  2 one litre bottles. Lay the bottle down on a wooden board. Using a sharp craft knife make an incision about 5-6cms  from the base of the bottle (this will give you a little lip to join the 2 halves). Use the knife or scissors to cut around the bottle until you have 2 halves.

2. This is the adult only bit!! In one half pierce a hole in the middle of the plastic to provide  a place for the ‘apple stalk’. When you are attempting to make the hole I found that if you used a winding method you are able to control the size of the hole. As I was doing this I was thinking how hard plastic is to break down. I think my contribution (small that it is) will be to make an orchard of fruit to prevent at least some plastic going into our waste system! Now I just have to find a use for the rest of the bottle! I have seen people turn the bottle upside down,pierce small holes in the side  and grow herbs in them!

3. You could use a pipe cleaner for the stalk, card or for fun I put in a real leaf!

4. I purchased a range of tissue papers, red, dark green, light green. I am still on the lookout for any other shades of these colours.

5. I took a quarter of the sheet for each half and filled them to the top.

6. I then slotted one half into the other. After making a few I found some slotted in easier than others so I taped them just to make sure they stayed together.

Have fun but watch out they are addictive! I have already started making little apples. I found myself going through the water bottle aisle looking at different bases on bottles and wondering if I could make other fruit!!

I did find a tutorial on these apples! This tutorial shows a neat way of hanging the apples up to display them!


One Response to “Recycled plastic bottles: life-like apples”

  1. Deborah Sewell January 26, 2012 at 1:37 am #

    The other half of the bottle is great for growing seeds/seedlings. Half fill with soil. plant seed or seedling and water.. Take off the screw to lid to let extra water drain out, put back on when drained and your pot will stand up by itself and you can easily watch the seed and root system grow. It is also very easy to carry outside during the day and back into the class at the end of the day.
    Oh we really are re cycling Queens!!!

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