Styrofoam painting with kindy children

2 Feb

Tomorrow I am going to post an activity I did with some Kindergarten children with some stunning results! I had been introduced to this printing process at Uni and I know it is not a new technique but I thought I would try it with this age group. Lots of my fellow student colleagues  thought the process would be to difficult for this age group, but WOW not so!!!! So I will be back soon with photos and info!

So here I am again ready to go. In uni I did an Art unit and one of the activities involved printing with Styrofoam. It is not a new technique but this was the first time I had been able to try it for myself. As I was making my own print I started thinking about how you could explain the technique to Kindergarten children.  I just found this wonderful tutorial from the artful parent it is exactly the process we used! The artful parent suggested this site for the brayer

1. I started with my faithful story bags. I decided to go with an African theme, so an   African themed bag was needed! I found this photo of the Watoto children’s choir on this site’s-choir-visits-bolton/.  As I go through this post,  I am determined to link to the sites  I have taken illustrations and photos from. I am so aware of the need to show honour with other peoples resources and material. The choir came to our church and they were truly amazing. I felt so humbled by their stories and determined to attempt to not complain when small things happen in my life!

I will be back………….

2. I showed the children some examples of printing and we talked about the lines, colours, shapes, form and texture

3. We looked at the equipment and materials we would be using. I demonstrated the use of the roller sponge or bayer. I spent quite a lot of time talking to the children about the pressure that needed to be applied to create their image on the foam. I did an example where the image was lightly drawn and also one were I pressed so hard I made a hole! They liked that and lots of laughing ensued!
4. We talked about the sequence of the activity, I provided planning sheets to help them move through the activity.

5.The children could not wait to get started. They were so enthusiastic! I set up a table for the planning stage, a table for applying the image on to the foam and a table for the painting.
Here is one example of the finished product. I am hoping to contact the school and request more photos to show you. It turned out to be a great idea as part of my prac requirement was to participate in the community of the school. I was able to enter the students work in an exhibition held by the school. The children were so pleased and excited.

6. I added some resources to my bag to extend the theme of Africa. Here are some of the resources, of course, my many fair trade puppets get a look in!

Ikea is always handy!

I found these shadow puppets here

I printed these sewing cards to add some fine motor activities. I found them here

I thought these looked great!

I enlarged the print and laminated it so that I could write messages on it and then wipe them off and write new ones. There is a set of 5 or 6 here
The following print is one of many more and they are truly astonishing. When I showed the children these prints they could not believe what they were seeing. Much discussion arose as we looked at them more closely! You will see what I mean!

Of course, my art come story bag would not be complete if I did not include some books! An activity book by Usborne books and three great stories. A fellow teacher suggested that I could definitely enhance my bags by including specific literacy outcomes and she is so right! Her suggestions are as follows:
I would do a spelling type activity, I would want a comprehension type of activity. Maybe a word matching or sound onset activity. Maybe photocopy a page and look for sentences, count the word, find the words with a letter sound for kindy and a few sounds for pre primary. !! I have found if you look up reading notes for books, there are many more activities, questioning techniques and ideas that complement the book and add to teachers repertoire!



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