Cooking with Kindergarten children

8 Feb

pirpWhile I love cooking with children as there is so much learning going on, science, math, oral language etc etc sometimes I like to provide a selection of different toppings for children to experiment with and let their creative juices flow!!!
I thought I would include some no bake cooking ideas I have come across over the years.
Some I have made myself as a ‘thank you for having me in your school’ project and other times for children to create their own cooking masterpieces!
I will be back with the recipes and ingredients needed!
One thing I will say Arnotts Tic Toc biscuits take a lot of the work out of projects!………..
I am back.. Here are some goodies I have made and they were very well received by children everywhere!

The cups and saucers have been around for a while but here is the recipe from
I have just noticed this picture is slightly off centre and I think it is going to annoy me, so I will get to it for all of you who like things neat!
The pirate faces are from
I have to admit me and fondant..! So I thought I would tweak the recipe making it easier for children to recreate! The hat and the patch are made from the smooth strap licorice roll. The eyes and mouth are mini m and m’s (the mouth is half a mini m and m!). I know..really fiddly! That is why I made them for the children! I guess you could pre-cut everything and after all they do have tiny hands!
The hats are from here:
They are from the official Peter Rabbit website which in itself is the most delightful website for children and yes for grown ups! I haven’t tried the second recipe. I must as it looks sweet!
Here is the recipe for you to see:
I found over the years due to some children having allergic reactions to eggs and nuts I have pre made the biscuits just to be sure and also included this recipe so that no-one misses out!

The flower biscuits by far and away have to be my favorite. Mainly because they were so easy and they look so amazing! If you look at this recipe it is for a cupcake but have a look at the method for the petal!
I have found over the years the Usborne series to be invaluable. The following titles: Chocolates and Sweets and Christmas cookingby Rebecca Gilpin , Easter cooking, Christmas Fairy Cooking and Christmas Cooking activities are all available on (where I buy all my books!). The Christmas Fairy Cooking book, at the time of my posting this blog, is $5 with no delivery charge!


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