Ladybird biscuits

26 Mar

Today I felt inspired to invent my own creation! I have a friend who is doing her last practicum, yes, same friend I made the survival kit for! She is planning a mini beast theme. I was thinking and thinking about how you could make an easy ladybird biscuit!
So here it is………..
The biscuits are Arnotts Tic Toc biscuits, the black licorice comes in two rolls in the pack. You can just cut the antennae and head with small sharp scissors. The red licorice comes in a little tube, you can roll the licorice out quite flat and it will stick to the biscuit. The writing gel is great as it makes such tiny dots. I did use a tiny little bit of icing to secure the head and the antennae!
I managed to make a flower for the ladybird to rest on, I just kept rolling out the licorice and shaping them into a rose!!! I still have to find a green lolly that I can roll out and cut some leaves to finish it off !!!
What do you think?

I found some sugar coated jubes and cut one in half into a leaf shape….

I thought I might add a video to show how I constructed the rose…Watch this space!


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