Cooking with children: mini beasts!

14 Apr

My friend who is about to go on prac from Uni was thinking about cooking you could do with children with a mini beast theme! We put our heads together and came up with these!

I thought this looked like ants running up and down an ant mound! I drizzled honey over the muffin and sprinkled chocolate 100’s and 1000’s over the top. We decided we like this one as it was a great recipe to do with children as they could be involved in the whole process, from the making of the muffin to the addition of the ants!
This one is the same idea, but I turned the muffin upside down for a flat mound effect!

The spider is one I have seen and adapted, I will try and find the one that inspired this little creature! I think the one I saw had jelly snake legs which looked fun! I tweaked the recipe by cutting strap licorice very thin and inserting the ‘legs’ into the side of the muffin! I added chocolate icing, 100’s and 1000’s, m and m’s and a little dot of black writing gel for the eyes.

I will have a search for the original spider and add the photo to this post (to give credit where credit is due!) I just found the website with the jelly legged spiders!
This next one was me forgetting the mini beast theme and getting carried away! An adult could make these and add them for decoration!

I used my favourite biscuit again, Arnotts Tic Toc biscuits. I was looking at some sugar coated jubes and I decided to cut them to see if a pattern emerged! I was delighted as the petals took on a stained glass effect. They are unbelievably sticky which is great, if you can get them off your finger, as they stick straight on to the surface of the biscuit! The centre of the flower is an m and m!

The other biscuit pictured is my attempt to make an ant sitting on a log! I used a chocolate covered piece of licorice for the log, you could use a mini flake which my husband believes would look more authentic! I cut little thin legs from strap licorice, 3 m and m’s as you can see, black writing gel for the eyes and stuck the whole thing together with writing gel! So fiddly! Definitely one for an adult to make for a decoration to the plate!
The muffin with the spider web I found on a blog I was looking atand adapted it. I guess you could give children the writing gel and let them make their own spider web, why not! The spider is an m and m with 2 little dots for eyes! My adult son was a bit perturbed by the fact their didn’t seem to be a body for the spider, I guess I could have used mini m and m’s to make a more realistic spider!


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