Teaching ideas and strategies

11 May

I thought I would include a ‘relief teacher  pack’ I made  recently.   I am so grateful to all the teachers who have shared their resources and I was looking at all the  strategies and ideas I have collected over the years. Rather than carrying around lots of bulking resources, I tried a variety of ways to reduce the size and volume of the materials. This is what I came up with:  a small pack of laminated cards. I started with learning areas, choosing quick, effective teaching ideas that I had found from highly resourceful and innovative educators. I then created a colour code system for easy reference and an index to help me flip to the learning area I wanted to use. It started small and then it just grew and grew! I put it on a lanyard (courtesy of Typo) and  attached it to my relief bag. I made one for a ‘soon to be’ teacher friend of mine and she has it on hand for reference during the day.

As I am an Early Years teacher, I decided to start with an idea I saw in a book called  ‘Question of the day’. As the name suggests, at the beginning of the day, the teacher writes a question on the board and during the day the students can ask the teacher to record their ideas . At the end of the day, a class discussion can take place about the question and possible answer. I put a few questions  together so that I didn’t have to think of an idea on the spot!

I also included a lot of strategies that I have seen relating to language; oral language, auditory ideas, listening skills and language games, mental maths, math and numbers, patterns and some science quick info about mini beasts!

I decided to include fun timed activities as I noticed that there are many times during the course of a day at school,  children finish early with their activities and these games are great to finish the lesson. They can be used to relate to the topic and as they are timed children need to search around in their mind to find the answer! An example would be,” In 10 seconds write 5 things a doctor uses in his surgery!”

I am off to make it available for you to print, laminate and enjoy! I won’t be too long!

Download Here

Have fun!


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