Bug Art for kids!

30 May

I discovered this book when I was in Sydney and came home and ordered it online for $11! (The Book Depository!). It is the most delightful book I just had to have it! The author has photographed beautifully crafted felt pieces on each of the pages. When I was looking at the authors website I was amazed to see many other wonderful books that she has created http://www.beatricealemagna.com/news/ I also discovered this delightful youtube interview!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pOgspbs9QU

It starts like this: At the bottom of the garden there is an old blanket on a bed. That is where the little bugs live. The bugs have lived there for years and years. Each little bug, snug in his hole in the rug. And as I read I started thinking about a rug I had at home and how great it would be to recreate the story in felt!

1. I started with the idea of reading the book to the children and then providing them with pencils and paper to create their own unique bug!

2. We then used old scraps of felt to make the bugs.

3.Finally we  worked on planning  where the bugs could snuggle up in a hole in the blanket! I have folded the blanket into a small section for you so see the beginning of the project!

I am off to order some more of this amazing authors creations!


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