Stick activities

18 Jun

I was thinking about when I was young and how sticks held a great fascination for me! They were cheap, they were everywhere and there was always some game you could play with them! I love the way schools are moving back to nature in their outdoor settings  and creating places for children to develop their imagination. I  remember using sticks for wands and I remember being with my mum and dropping them over a bridge and running to the other side to see where the water took the sticks and whose stick was the fastest! I thought I would dabble again and see if I could rediscover that fascination and in doing so create some easy stick activities for children!

Here are some of my creations!

1. A nature picture frame ( I was watching a video of an early childhood centre in Sweden and this was on the wall!)

2. Gum nut person!

Take 2 sticks (I used olive branch sticks).

Then form a star by wrapping with natural coloured wool.

Start with a new piece of wool and wind around each of the 4 sticks.

As you wind wrap the wool around the individual sticks to form the arms and legs.

Wedge a gum nut into the space between the arms. And there you have it a gum nut person!

3. My favourite:  a dragonfly. I have to admit, as the sticks were quite springy I used a little tape to keep them together.

I made the 2 sets of wings and then attached them to the body by winding the wool over and over. The more I wound the wool the more the body seem to take shape!

A little staging!


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