Recycled newspaper activities for children

28 Jun

I recently visited a school and saw the most amazing activity using newspaper! The more I looked at it the more my mind went around all the ways this activity sends a great message!

Have a look!

I was thinking that this  is a great way to recycle newspaper and as it is a piece of artwork from Kindergarten as a parent I might laminate it and keep it forever. So this activity could have longevity! I also thought that the activity lends itself to exposing children to print in another form, and could be used for children to find numbers and letters as they paint! As a class the possibilities are endless. Children could display their artwork in a ‘gallery’ setting. They could be encouraged to go for a ‘gallery walk’ and view their friend’s artwork.  You could also suggest children paint one section of a class favourite story. The children would then have the opportunity to sequence the pages to create a collaborative book to be added to the book corner!

I played around with the idea a little more!

I would love to see what children do with a collaborative work project. I would roll out a large, very long piece of paper, provide the pens/newspaper/glue and watercolour paints and see what develops!

This is a great website with 40 newspaper craft ideas

Here is another wonderful website full of clever, innovative ideas

How is this for amazing:  a magic newspaper tree!

And just to get into the spirit of things you can watch this video!

Have Fun!


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