Children’s activities nut shells!

7 Jul

I was looking at Red Ted’s Art blog and I found these wonderful walnut babies so I made some of my own, as you do!

And then I started searching around for some more nutshell art! I found all of these at The Crafty Crow

Domestic Candy had some great ideas

Flossie Teacake had some adorable ideas!

The Magic onions had a lovely idea

These creations are truly amazing!


I love all of these ideas! I find when I start looking at these amazing ideas, some creativity is sparked inside of me and off I go, to the market, buy some shells and start imagining!

My creation!

I started with some pipe cleaners and a wooden bead with a hole in it. I created a little stick figure man and glued and threaded the bead for a ‘head’.

I then glued the walnut ‘hat’ on the bead and cut some clothes for my construction man!

With the pants I wrapped the felt around the legs and hot glued them together at the back (after much burning of hot glue on my fingers!). I then cut the top and threaded the man through the hole (if I had any brains at all I would have done that BEFORE I put the hat on!). I glued the excess material with a pleat and more hot glue!

This activity is definitely one an adult should do but the children could  make the clothes!


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