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Sensory baskets for children

9 Oct

I found this amazing blog and I don’t know about you but some blogs are so inspiring I have this sense of urgency to rush out and make all of the projects I have seen! When I saw the sensory baskets I started thinking of all of the resources I have collected over the years and how  I finally  could use them in an inspiring and educational way! This is not to say that I didn’t rush out and buy some necessary items! This blog here has amazing sensory resources as well. This blog is incredible as when you have a look around the environment that has been created you just want to live there yourself! I remember a teacher saying to me one day that you have to almost want to play with the resource yourself and since then I have viewed all of the projects I create for children with this philosophy in mind! I have to admit the two blogs I have mentioned make me feel that way!!!!

Here are some of the baskets I have put together and still more are coming!

1. Fruit sorting. I purchased the basket from a Kmart store (family store) for $3 and the fruit came from a gift shop. The little stones came from the garden section in Bunnings (a hardware store). I have collected photos  of all of the fruit and I am going to make pattern strips for children to practice and hone their sequencing skills.

2. The farm set. The little stones are from the same hardware store and I purchased the farm animals in a large packet (Kmart).

3. The fishing set. I had purchased the fishing set while I was on holidays in Sydney. Paddy’s markets are a perfect place for wooden toys. I find there is something special about wood! So natural and inviting! This is where you can go on a virtual tour and see the stall with the toys! The  stall is on the right as you walk in!!!

I have made a new basket and will upload the photo soon! I had some wooden fruit (as you do!) sitting in a box of toys. They are the ones where they have velcro on each side and a wonderful small wooden knife for ‘cutting the fruit!!  I will be back!!!!!!!