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I am coming back!!!

1 Dec

Wow  I have just spent two terms in a Kindergarten! What a whirlwind! But I am coming back in a few weeks to share some of the great times we had in our classroom! I am looking forward to sharing the fun we had with the story Mrs Wishy Washy and how it really took off, instigated mostly by the children!! Which is always what you want!!! If they love it, you love it!!!

Friday was the last day for our Kindergarten children and I have to admit when one of the girls burst in to tears, realizing that Kindergarten had finished she set me off!! I had been managing until then! Well, I am close to finishing this post!

Ok I am back! I keep trying to get to this post and finish it, it really is a work in progress so here we go………..

1. We started with the book, I read the story and then over the next few weeks we focused on different aspects of the book. We had been looking at titles and they had already learnt about authors and illustrators. We also covered the blurb, one of the children thought it was the blob for quite a while!!!

2. I found a Youtube clip of Joy Cowley reading her own story which was wonderful as she talks about the things that inspired her to write the book. I shall go off and find the link for you!

3. I dressed up as Mrs Wishy Washy, no photo provided! I wore a red apron/tied my hair up in a 1940’s style with a headband and I found some amazing slippers in the cupboard! As you do! I had a small tub with warm soapy water and one with real mud! I have to tell you as we worked our way through the story, repeating the line ‘ wishy washy wishy washy’ I think we reenacted the story 5 times! They just loved the mud!!!

4. I located  a youtube clip of some children  reenacting the story through role play! I would love to show you phots of  our children reenacting the story  on this post but for privacy reasons I need to show you by other means!

5. The children loved the idea of dressing up as Mrs Wishy Washy,  I had made some small aprons for children to wear and the other children wanted to wear my apron so I just lifted it up at the waiste and tied it on them. I found masks and other wonderful resources from this site

6. I had two clam shells as part of the role play, one had brown material in it (for the mud) and the other had soft, white fabric for the bubbly water! The children chose different roles to take part in, one was the narrator, one was Mrs Wishy Washy and so on. They swapped roles many times and we all new all the words by the end of the week!!

7. We had a combined Wet Day with the Pre Primary’s and I thought why not have the shells out with the real thing!!!


The children had the best time!! Clean up time took forever but it was all worth it to see the rapturous joy on their faces!