Aboriginal activities with Kindergarten children 2

18 May

I decided to add another post relating to the previous one that I did as I had a new class of Kindergarten children. I have to admit I was hoping that their interest would go towards looking at different ways people live and celebrating and learning about the first people on the land. I prefer to read stories and see if the  children run with the ideas rather than setting up a ‘theme’. I have over the last few years really become very determined to ensure that the classroom life develops from the children.

So I was delighted as this group of Kindergarten children became fascinated with how other people live.

We had started using floor books so this project was added for the children so that we could look back and remember when!









One Response to “Aboriginal activities with Kindergarten children 2”

  1. Mrs Maasepp October 13, 2014 at 11:30 am #

    Thanks for sharing such great ideas, I just order this book online to use after being inspired by what you have shared! I hope my kids take it on board as well as yours have.
    I am currently teaching KIndergarten in the ACT. I also have a personal blog as well as one class one if you would like to take a look. Any feedback would be very much appreciated. Unfortunately I have been a bit slack lately with my posts but more should be coming soon (I hope!). Check it out at brookejaimie.wordpress.com
    Thanks again for your comment. Its always nice to connect with a teacher with similar passions.

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