Where is the Green Sheep? Classroom Pet!

21 Oct

This year  in a Kindy class I read the story of the Green sheep to the children. And then I had a mad idea! I was going to be in the class for 5 weeks as the teacher was on going on long service leave and travelling in Europe so we hatched a plan! I have 2 soft plush toy Green sheep so she took one with her and I kept one here in Perth!

I read the story and we talked about all the usual things like text going left to right/where we start reading and then as you do we went on to rhyme and repetition and sequence and so on and so on. Then I took the little green sheep out of a bag and introduced him to the class. They all had a hold and we placed him where everyone could see him. Then the plan went into action! Over the weekend the teacher, who was travelling, sent photos of the green sheep in London. I hid our green sheep away. So come Monday morning the children started looking for the green sheep and I showed them a photo of the green sheep in London!


You should have seen there faces! What! How did he get there so fast? Did he fly? Did he grow wings? What? How did that happen?

I had to have my wits about me as we had one group who came on a Monday and Tuesday and one group who came on a Thursday and Friday! It was tricky to say the least!

The next time the children came there was the green sheep back in Kindy! And so we kept going with our sneaky plan!

Off the green sheep went to Paris and was seen having fun in Disneyland!


And of course when one goes to Paris one must visit the Eiffel Tower!


The teacher returned to Perth although her long service had not finished so on our big pin up board of all the green sheep’s travels we had photos of him landing in Perth and  from then on he stayed in the classroom! Although he did sneak out one weekend and visited my house!

He is so tricky!

The children were very surprised the green sheep was so strong!


I shared his secret to his strength! Weight lifting!


The green sheep did so enjoy meeting Humpty and Miffy!


Nothing like a good game of chess!


Green sheep was very excited to see that he was famous! He didn’t know!


I found these resources and used them with the children. The great thing about the resources is that there was one for every child to come and place on the whiteboard! They are a set of pictures of the green sheep for each page of the story. You know the near and far sheep/ the train sheep etc etc!


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