I started working in a Child Care Centre in my late teens and I was privileged to have an amazing mentor who made it her mission to teach me about children and their development.  She emphasized the importance of play based learning opportunities for children and how to engage children in authentic experiences. At her insistence, (which I will always be eternally grateful), I enrolled in a two year Child Care Program.  This led me to work in Princess Margaret Hospital for Children (Perth) as a Play Assistant. I enjoyed providing fun and engaging experiences for children during their stay in hospital. The amazing lesson I learnt during my eight years was children’s resilience in overcoming difficulties.

From there I went to work in a variety of day care centres, caring for children from 0-5 years.  I had the opportunity, when my boys were young, to write articles for the publication, ‘Infant Times’. I went on and trained as a Teacher’s Assistant and worked with Kindergarten and Pre-primary children in my boy’s school.  After being some years in this role, I was sitting one day in our front room with my husband and he suggested I enroll in a teaching degree. In the comfort of your home the idea sounded great! And it was a great idea but as a mature age student there are obstacles to overcome like essay writing and referencing and juggling University life and home.  Fortunately I am blessed with an amazing family, who should have come up on stage with me to receive my degree!

Since finishing my degree I have worked in many schools in the metro area of Perth and mid year in 2012 I accepted a maternity leave position in a Kindergarten class.    It has been a huge learning curve as a newbie teacher! Getting to know the parents and children in the class, planning, assessment and surviving the fast pace of school life! I count it a blessing to be able to be part of children’s learning journey. It is such a joy watching them blossom, invent, create and to listen to their theories on life!

I enjoy writing my blog and writing book reviews for The Book Chook, which I thoroughly enjoy! Here is a link to The Book Chook! http://www.thebookchook.com/2012/04/childrens-book-review-wantedthe-perfect.html



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