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Aboriginal/Indigenous stories for children

23 Oct

I thought I would put together a list of some wonderful Aboriginal/Indigenous stories. I love these books!


big rain coming 2











Some teaching resource links











 (Author’s website)















I have this book on another post! Just check out the illustrations!









Irene 2-3


Narnia activities: Year 3

21 Oct

When I was covering for a teacher in Year 3 for 5 weeks I really wanted to see if the children were into Narnia (written by C.S.Lewis). When I was a young child my mother read the whole series to me and when I was in Year 7 the best part of the day for me was when the teacher pulled out the big Narnia book, turned to the page we were up to and started to read! I loved it. As a mother I read all the stories to my two boys and grew that love of all things Narnia in them as well. I was chatting to my son the other day over coffee and he remarked that he felt that there was no better way to introduce God and what Jesus has done for us on the cross! I agreed! It is so true because as the story develops with Lucy meeting Aslan your heart instinctively knows this has to be God! If you are a Christian it strikes a chord in your heart!
In the class we started with The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and I covered the walls with posters from the scenes found in the movies.

This is the book I read from and I used a few other books as well




































I searched the internet and found some wonderful activities that some kind people had shared and put together a booklet for each child to keep. They were so pleased! The favourite page was the one where they were asked to create their own map of an imaginary world! This was the front cover.










This was a punctuation page!










This was the favourite page ‘Create your own imaginary world, with symbols on your map!’










I also found a game which I laminated and this was hugely popular! It was in this book.












When we had time in class we watched the whole of The lion the Witch and the Wardrobe as well as The Voyage of the Dawn Treader!



Where is the Green Sheep? Classroom Pet!

21 Oct

This year  in a Kindy class I read the story of the Green sheep to the children. And then I had a mad idea! I was going to be in the class for 5 weeks as the teacher was on going on long service leave and travelling in Europe so we hatched a plan! I have 2 soft plush toy Green sheep so she took one with her and I kept one here in Perth!

I read the story and we talked about all the usual things like text going left to right/where we start reading and then as you do we went on to rhyme and repetition and sequence and so on and so on. Then I took the little green sheep out of a bag and introduced him to the class. They all had a hold and we placed him where everyone could see him. Then the plan went into action! Over the weekend the teacher, who was travelling, sent photos of the green sheep in London. I hid our green sheep away. So come Monday morning the children started looking for the green sheep and I showed them a photo of the green sheep in London!


You should have seen there faces! What! How did he get there so fast? Did he fly? Did he grow wings? What? How did that happen?

I had to have my wits about me as we had one group who came on a Monday and Tuesday and one group who came on a Thursday and Friday! It was tricky to say the least!

The next time the children came there was the green sheep back in Kindy! And so we kept going with our sneaky plan!

Off the green sheep went to Paris and was seen having fun in Disneyland!


And of course when one goes to Paris one must visit the Eiffel Tower!


The teacher returned to Perth although her long service had not finished so on our big pin up board of all the green sheep’s travels we had photos of him landing in Perth and  from then on he stayed in the classroom! Although he did sneak out one weekend and visited my house!

He is so tricky!

The children were very surprised the green sheep was so strong!


I shared his secret to his strength! Weight lifting!


The green sheep did so enjoy meeting Humpty and Miffy!


Nothing like a good game of chess!


Green sheep was very excited to see that he was famous! He didn’t know!


I found these resources and used them with the children. The great thing about the resources is that there was one for every child to come and place on the whiteboard! They are a set of pictures of the green sheep for each page of the story. You know the near and far sheep/ the train sheep etc etc!

Mouse Shapes

16 Oct

mouse shapes book cover







I absolutely love this book! I am also delighted that Kindy children love this book! I have found it doesn’t always work out that way! Recently I was in a Kindy for a long service leave relief position and we were looking at shapes! What a great fun book to use! I am always searching for only creative projects that children can do themselves so that no one picture ever looks the same!

Don’t you just love these! The first one is my all time favourite!























I thought I would add some amazing links! People are so clever!

Have fun with this! We did!



I am coming back!!!

1 Dec

Wow  I have just spent two terms in a Kindergarten! What a whirlwind! But I am coming back in a few weeks to share some of the great times we had in our classroom! I am looking forward to sharing the fun we had with the story Mrs Wishy Washy and how it really took off, instigated mostly by the children!! Which is always what you want!!! If they love it, you love it!!!

Friday was the last day for our Kindergarten children and I have to admit when one of the girls burst in to tears, realizing that Kindergarten had finished she set me off!! I had been managing until then! Well, I am close to finishing this post!

Ok I am back! I keep trying to get to this post and finish it, it really is a work in progress so here we go………..

1. We started with the book, I read the story and then over the next few weeks we focused on different aspects of the book. We had been looking at titles and they had already learnt about authors and illustrators. We also covered the blurb, one of the children thought it was the blob for quite a while!!!

2. I found a Youtube clip of Joy Cowley reading her own story which was wonderful as she talks about the things that inspired her to write the book. I shall go off and find the link for you!

3. I dressed up as Mrs Wishy Washy, no photo provided! I wore a red apron/tied my hair up in a 1940’s style with a headband and I found some amazing slippers in the cupboard! As you do! I had a small tub with warm soapy water and one with real mud! I have to tell you as we worked our way through the story, repeating the line ‘ wishy washy wishy washy’ I think we reenacted the story 5 times! They just loved the mud!!!

4. I located  a youtube clip of some children  reenacting the story through role play! I would love to show you phots of  our children reenacting the story  on this post but for privacy reasons I need to show you by other means!

5. The children loved the idea of dressing up as Mrs Wishy Washy,  I had made some small aprons for children to wear and the other children wanted to wear my apron so I just lifted it up at the waiste and tied it on them. I found masks and other wonderful resources from this site

6. I had two clam shells as part of the role play, one had brown material in it (for the mud) and the other had soft, white fabric for the bubbly water! The children chose different roles to take part in, one was the narrator, one was Mrs Wishy Washy and so on. They swapped roles many times and we all new all the words by the end of the week!!

7. We had a combined Wet Day with the Pre Primary’s and I thought why not have the shells out with the real thing!!!


The children had the best time!! Clean up time took forever but it was all worth it to see the rapturous joy on their faces!

Children’s book reviews

9 Jul

I thought I would add some children’s book reviews I have been privileged to write for The Book Chook

This one is my most recent review.

1. Home in the Cave by Janet Halfmann

I loved the opportunity to write this review as I was able to chat to the author!(via email)

2.  Wanted: The Perfect Pet by Fiona Roberton

3. Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Browne

To say that I have become totally addicted to children’s literature is an understatement! As I am with young children all week I delight in finding new, fun and engaging books for children to enjoy. The advent of affordable online companies such as and The Book Depository have made it possible for my addiction to grow and grow!! I have a study filled with books and as I share them with children I am always delighted with their response! I know this is the digital age and our classrooms and teaching methods as always absolutely need to adapt and engage children in an ever changing world, but I believe books will always remain! In my humble opinion when you sit with children and bring them into that magical world of the story there is nothing quite like it!

I am hoping for more opportunities to write reviews. I will keep you posted!

Children’s authors!

23 Jun

I recently purchased two hilarious books to read to children. I discovered them on my prac from Uni last year. They were written in 1991 and they are hysterical! I am always so impressed when authors illustrate their own books! Such talent!

 1.Beware of Girls by Tony Blundell This  is a hilarious book about a wolf that decides he is so hungry he is going to  go straight to a little girl’s cottage  and tell her he is her grandmother! The little girl happens to be extremely clever and sends the wolf off to fulfill different tasks in order for her to believe he  truly is  her grandmother. Her dog thinks she is unaware that he is a wolf and there are hilarious little asides from the dog as he tries desperately to warn her of the danger she is in! The tasks are cleverly crafted ideas that weave a web to the final punch line! I have read the story to Kindergarten children and they love the way the wolf is sent off and keeps returning in a worsened state each time! I then read the story to a group of Year 3 students and they loved all the hilarious planning on the part of the girl. Some of the children started to twig as they thought about the girl’s plan. They started nodding their heads and saying, “Oh, I know what she is doing!”.

As the wolf tires he starts to become very muddled. The girl tells him ‘if he really is her grandmother he would be wearing bright red heeled shoes,bringing a bag of sticky toffee and making a great big chocolate cake!’ The wolf returns very distressed and says, “Hello, little girl, I am your grandma in her big sticky dress and her bright-red hat and her pretty chocolate shoes, with a bag of feathery toffees and a great big high-heeled cake for you tea!!!!!!!!!!”

I had a class of Year one’s and they decided to draw their favourite part of the story. Most of the children drew pictures of the last scene!!!

(The Book Depository $9)

Image from

I thought I would add the student’s wonderful art to this blog!

(The Book Depository $10)

2. Beware of Boys is equally funny with the Wolf being outsmarted again by a clever and witty boy! The boy is actually captured by the Wolf but he uses hilarious delay tactics to avoid being eaten! The children beg me to read these two stories as they truly are ingenious.  I have found I can read them to children up to Year 4 as there are so many nuances through the story and the older the child the more they see the web the boy and girl weave around the gullible wolf! The boy thinks of different recipes for the Wolf to make Boy Pie, Boy Cake and Boy soup! The ingredients are difficult to find and yet again the Wolf is sent off to bring the ingredients back for this famous recipe, with disastrous results for the Wolf!  Recipe for Boy Pie: One boy, not too skinny, One large dish, Three foothills of plain flour, One moo-cow of milk, One large lump of lard, Six sacks of cement……!

3. I definitely must buy this soon as the other two are a riot!

(The Book Depository $7)

4. The Pig’s Knickers  by Johnathon Emmett and Vanessa Cabban. What a hilarious story! I was relieving for a teacher librarian and I had a Kindergarten group come  for a story on the mat. One of the children asked me to read the book, so I did! The story is of a pig who feels he is anything but special and a tad boring, the wind blows through and  a pair of polka dotted knickers lands on his head. The pig decides he loves them so much he wears them around the barnyard. The pig seeks approval from the barnyard animals and hopes that by wearing the knickers and performing tricks the animals will view him in a more interesting light. A calamity befalls the knickers and Pig is left with the feeling he is his old boring self yet again! The animals go to great pains to assure him he is special. The last page is a big surprise !  The boys covered their mouths and said, “Oooh Ahh!” You will have to read it yourself!!

Image from

I am off to my bookshelf to hunt out some more funny authors and stories!

(The Book Depository ($9)

5. The Princess and the Packet of Frozen Peas by Tony Wilson and Sue deGennaro

The Book Depository ($16)

Another funny tale, well, a fractured fairy tale! Boys love this book as the story is definitely written from their point of view! The Prince so wants to fall in love and get married but he is an outdoorsy kind of guy and he is hoping to find a Princess who loves camping and the outdoors! But as the trail of prospective young girls fail to meet his alternative desires, he begins to wonder if there is anyone special for him! But one evening…….

The illustrations are clever child like drawings and I have found children warm to them.  The girls struggle a little with the text, especially if they are a little precious themselves! I have noticed that the story line is quite an eye opener for girls and gives them lots to think about!!

6.  Diary of a Worm, Diary of a Fly and Diary of a Spider by Doreen Cronin and Harry Bliss

June 5 Today we made macaroni necklaces in art class. I brought mine home and we ate it for dinner!

Diary of a Fly

June 10 Things they should teach you in flight class: always have a flight plan!

Diary of a Spider

April 1 Went to the park with my sister today. We tried the seesaw. It didn’t work!

Outstanding stories with the most amazing illustrations! I worked with a Year 2 class who wrote their own little diaries of their pet class worms! The diary style writing is hilarious and each book refers to the the other characters in the story! The humor is delightful from the perspective of the worm, the fly and the spider!

(The Book Depository $15 approx)

Have fun!