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‘Survival kit’ student teacher!

28 Feb

Here I am again! I thought I would share this project I am working on with you. I have a friend who is finishing her teaching degree and soon she will be on her final practicum. I found lots of funny quirky quotes relating to teaching and life on the internet and I thought I would put a ‘Survival Kit’ together for her.
1. I started with a box, I don’t know about you but I love all things Paris! When our family were in Paris, in 2004, we all fell in love with this gorgeous city! So when I spotted this box it had to be the one! My friend likes all things Paris, too! If you love Paris you must go to this website, as there is the most delightful mini travel Paris set to make! ( I have made 2, one I left black and white and the other I water colored with a brush that had about 10 hairs on it!) If I had any brains I would have enlarged it, painted it and then reduced it! Ok back to the kit………………..

2. I placed in the bottom of the box some pre loved children’s books, ones that will relate to the theme in her classroom.

I placed lots of tissue paper in the box over the top of the books to hold all the items in place.
3.I then set about matching the fun sayings with the different objects.

To help you pick out the good qualities in yourself and others : Toothpick
To help you keep going and going and going : Battery
To remind you that everyone makes mistakes : Erasers

To cushion the rough road ahead : cotton wool ball
Because you’re worth your weight in gold : Chocolate Money
You are a lifesaver to your children : Lifesaver lollies

To write your wrongs : pencil
Because you are a big piece of every child’s life: Puzzle piece
Everyone shines in their own way : Torch

To colour your day bright and cheerful : Crayons
To tie things together when they fall apart : string
Hang in there : pegs on a washing line

To remind you to be flexible : an elastic band
To hold it all together : paper clip
Yes, they are a tad corny but fun!
I am going to add some more photos here….My Kitchen Rules is on soon!
Okay I am back..

I added some tea bags which I placed in these wonderful little pouches available at (

For when you are up late writing lesson plans, doing assessments and planning activities : candle

To help dry children’s tears : tissues
For days when you wish you had eyes in the back of your head

I went on a search for nuts and seeds.
To remind you to be a bit nutty sometimes: nuts in a bag
To remind you that every day you are planting seeds for the future : watercress seed packet.

I also placed a box of tea, cappuccino sticks and some lovely chocolate powder to sprinkle on her coffee.
When I was thinking about the saying for the seeds I kept thinking how I do believe the sentiments in the statement. When I think about some of my own school experiences when I was young, there were some seeds that were definitely weeds that grew and needed removing. As a new teacher I feel it is so important to create classrooms were children will grow , where they feel valued, were their ideas are respected and where they can make the best relationships with other children and adults.
Catch you soon!