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Mouse Shapes

16 Oct

mouse shapes book cover







I absolutely love this book! I am also delighted that Kindy children love this book! I have found it doesn’t always work out that way! Recently I was in a Kindy for a long service leave relief position and we were looking at shapes! What a great fun book to use! I am always searching for only creative projects that children can do themselves so that no one picture ever looks the same!

Don’t you just love these! The first one is my all time favourite!























I thought I would add some amazing links! People are so clever!




Have fun with this! We did!




Math games: Dualoh!

16 Oct

I am so delighted to have discovered these amazing math game cards created by Richard Korborsky.

The weeks I was in the Year 3 class were amazing and I started thinking about different ways I could differentiate with the diverse range of abilities in the classroom. The cards and also the Dualoh app were a God send!








They are priced at $7.50. I decided to laminate them so that I can keep them forever!

This is the link with all the information: http://nie.thewest.com.au/resources/maths/dualoh-card-games


♦ Subitising (numbers 1-12)
♦ Multiplication (2-5 times tables)
♦ Whole Numbers (20-110)
♦ Fractions (diagrams, symbols, equivalence)

I purchased multiple packs!

I noticed that there were a group of children who just needed a little support so I organized them at desks and went around the room just checking if they were on track. Then I had some mat time on the floor for the children who were struggling with the basic skills and just needed time. They would sit for a while, try out the math and then say, “Ok, I am good now!”. There were a group of boys who were firing ahead so I set them different tasks. They worked their way through their math book, marked it and moved onto the Dualoh cards. As they progressed I purchased the Dualoh app for my ipad.

dualoh app 2







dualoh app








This was a big hit! When the other children had completed their math they too moved onto the cards and then the  ipad which was in great demand! It was a great purchase! I also used Richards Game boards and they too, became a big hit! Math sorted Yay!












Oh I nearly forgot! the school also purchased a  Back to Front Year 4 pack for my keen gun boys! The resources are great and I love the way the focus is on problem solving. There are  excellent online videos for teachers


Before I took over from the teacher, the school had arranged for Professor Maths to come out and run their workshops. This too was a wonderful, fun and hands on activity.


professor maths



Nature activities for children: Rocks!

14 Jul

Recently I was watching a group of children playing in some slow flowing rapids. Some were sitting on the rocks watching as the water tumbled over the rocks, others were skimming little stones across the water and a few were gathering rocks and using them to create homes for animals.

As I watched I noticed that they were engrossed in this world of make believe and I started thinking how I used to play when I was younger. If I was outside I didn’t need entertaining or lots of commercial toys. I was happy gathering sticks and stones, making fairy houses and playing with my friends.

I started looking closely at the tiny stones in this river.   Some were smooth, others slightly jagged and some were varied in colour.

I played around with the rocks and created some different ideas with them. As I pottered around with the objects I was thinking that this activity would lend itself to enhancing  fine motor development.

Counting 1-5!

Nature Ant! I found some sticks that were segmented, so they worked perfectly for the legs! As you can see I used a thick white wood glue to attach the various pieces.

Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy!

Math measuring!

Lady in a jeweled dress!

I thought about how I would incorporate these ideas into the classroom. I could  discuss with the children  the different stones, their colours, similarities, differences, shape and texture. We could talk about the photographs and why rocks are smooth and how nature fashions them through the constant flow of the water.  Photographs of   the area were the stones had been found would help children have a point of reference. Changing the photos from A4 to A3 allows the photos to be displayed in a corner of the classroom. I would then add the stones,  bark, sticks, twigs and black card for children to come and choose items to create a naturescape. A gallery walk would be a great way for children to view other children’s ideas and share their own creations.

Best Blogs!

9 Jul

I was thinking today about the amazing blogs I follow. There are some truly talented people out there in Blog world! So incredibly gifted and the best part is that they share their ideas with everyone!

1.I have been following Crayons and Milk and really if I just put up the photos of her amazing creations they speak for themselves! http://crayonsandmilk.wordpress.com/


2. Counting Coconuts is another blog I love. I appreciate the great ideas on this blog and as I am about to embark on a full time Kindergarten (maternity leave) job I am looking forward to implementing some of the activities



3. My Small potatoes is amazing  I am in awe of the author’s talent! http://mysmallpotatoes.com/


4. The Artful Parent is a great  place to stop for resources and ideas! http://www.artfulparent.com/


5. No time for flashcards is seriously huge!      http://www.notimeforflashcards.com/


6. Sun Hats and Wellie boots is simply delightful http://www.sunhatsandwellieboots.com/p/christmas.html

The name is so inviting!


Teaching ideas and strategies

11 May

I thought I would include a ‘relief teacher  pack’ I made  recently.   I am so grateful to all the teachers who have shared their resources and I was looking at all the  strategies and ideas I have collected over the years. Rather than carrying around lots of bulking resources, I tried a variety of ways to reduce the size and volume of the materials. This is what I came up with:  a small pack of laminated cards. I started with learning areas, choosing quick, effective teaching ideas that I had found from highly resourceful and innovative educators. I then created a colour code system for easy reference and an index to help me flip to the learning area I wanted to use. It started small and then it just grew and grew! I put it on a lanyard (courtesy of Typo) and  attached it to my relief bag. I made one for a ‘soon to be’ teacher friend of mine and she has it on hand for reference during the day.

As I am an Early Years teacher, I decided to start with an idea I saw in a book called  ‘Question of the day’. As the name suggests, at the beginning of the day, the teacher writes a question on the board and during the day the students can ask the teacher to record their ideas . At the end of the day, a class discussion can take place about the question and possible answer. I put a few questions  together so that I didn’t have to think of an idea on the spot!

I also included a lot of strategies that I have seen relating to language; oral language, auditory ideas, listening skills and language games, mental maths, math and numbers, patterns and some science quick info about mini beasts!

I decided to include fun timed activities as I noticed that there are many times during the course of a day at school,  children finish early with their activities and these games are great to finish the lesson. They can be used to relate to the topic and as they are timed children need to search around in their mind to find the answer! An example would be,” In 10 seconds write 5 things a doctor uses in his surgery!”

I am off to make it available for you to print, laminate and enjoy! I won’t be too long!

Download Here

Have fun!