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Math games: Dualoh!

16 Oct

I am so delighted to have discovered these amazing math game cards created by Richard Korborsky.

The weeks I was in the Year 3 class were amazing and I started thinking about different ways I could differentiate with the diverse range of abilities in the classroom. The cards and also the Dualoh app were a God send!








They are priced at $7.50. I decided to laminate them so that I can keep them forever!

This is the link with all the information:


♦ Subitising (numbers 1-12)
♦ Multiplication (2-5 times tables)
♦ Whole Numbers (20-110)
♦ Fractions (diagrams, symbols, equivalence)

I purchased multiple packs!

I noticed that there were a group of children who just needed a little support so I organized them at desks and went around the room just checking if they were on track. Then I had some mat time on the floor for the children who were struggling with the basic skills and just needed time. They would sit for a while, try out the math and then say, “Ok, I am good now!”. There were a group of boys who were firing ahead so I set them different tasks. They worked their way through their math book, marked it and moved onto the Dualoh cards. As they progressed I purchased the Dualoh app for my ipad.

dualoh app 2







dualoh app




This was a big hit! When the other children had completed their math they too moved onto the cards and then the  ipad which was in great demand! It was a great purchase! I also used Richards Game boards and they too, became a big hit! Math sorted Yay!








Oh I nearly forgot! the school also purchased a  Back to Front Year 4 pack for my keen gun boys! The resources are great and I love the way the focus is on problem solving. There are  excellent online videos for teachers

Before I took over from the teacher, the school had arranged for Professor Maths to come out and run their workshops. This too was a wonderful, fun and hands on activity.

professor maths